Filament free Kerala

Replace all ordinary & fluorescent light bulbs with LED bulbs
"Filament Free Kerala" is one of the projects envisaged in Urja Kerala Mission announced by Govt. of Kerala. "Filament Free Kerala" project is for replacing the entire Incandescent Lamps & CFLs of domestic consumers in the state by energy efficient LED bulbs. The project is implemented by the Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd. and Energy Management Centre, Kerala.
Attractive Price
Domestic customers will get branded 9 W LED bulbs at discounted price in comparison to market price. CFLs and incandescent bulbs will be collected back for safe disposal.
Usage of LED bulbs will cut down Electricity bills and cost of LED bulbs will be recovered in a short period.
Environment Friendly
Savings in electricity and lower consumption of fossil fuels benefits the environment. LED bulbs which are mercury free have no negative impact on environment. All replaced incandescent bulbs and CFLs will be disposed in environment friendly manner.
9W LED bulbs at affordable cost of H 65/- each inclusive of GST
Eligibility Criteria
All domestic consumers of KSEBL are eligible for this project.