KSEB HT Online New Service Connection - Instructions

Thank you for associating with Kerala's largest Public Sector Undertaking and giving us an opportunity to serve you. You are requested to go through the instructions carefully before filling up the application form.

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  • The following two documents are mandatory for HT Power Feasibility application
    1. Proof of Identity of the Applicant -Applicants shall furnish any of the documents listed below as proof of Identity.
      (Electoral Identity Card/Indian Passport/Driving Licence/Ration Card/Photo Identity Card issued by any Government Agency/PAN Card/AADHAR Card/Photo Identify Certificate from Village Panchayat or Municipality or Municipal Corporation).
    2. Proof of ownership or occupancy of the premises - Applicants shall furnish any of the documents listed below as proof of ownership. (Ownership certificate of the building issued by Municipal Corporation or Municipality or Panchayat or Township / Ownership or Possession certificate of the land issued by competent Revenue authority / Certified copy of title deed or lease agreement / letter of authorisation from the Punja/Kole Special Officer in the case of agricultural connections for dewatering/ letter of allotment in the case of industrial estates or industrial parks or Special Economic Zones).
      An applicant who is not an owner but an occupier of the premises/tenant, shall furnish a no objection certificate from the owner of the premises along with any of the documents listed above.
  • The applicant can register for online new service connection by providing his/her email id and mobile number.
  • As per statutes, approval from the Electrical Inspector shall be obtained for the electrical installations before any wiring or apparatus is connected to KSEBL supply in the case of HT/EHT, high rise buildings, installations involving standby generators, neon signboards, X ray units, lifts and escalators and temporary connections where more than 100 persons are likely to assemble. KSEBL cannot give connection if it is prohibited by any other statutory authority.
  • If Service Connection is required for juridical persons, e.g. company (proprietary or partnership), trust, educational institution, Government department or similar institution, a letter of authorisation/resolution will be required along with proof of identity.
  • For the below mentioned category of applicants the following documents shall also be submitted along with the application form.
    1. Industrial connection - Licence or permit issued by the local authority having jurisdiction over the area, industrial licence, letter of approval by the special Economic Zone, small scale industries (SSI) registration (if applicable)
    2. Agricultural connection of Punja or Kole land/Irrigation pump set for pumping water - If Agricultural connection is required in Punja or Kole land or if water is to be pumped from state owned rivers, canals, ponds, wells etc. letter of authorisation/NOC from authorised officer also is required
  • KSEBL will be forced to terminate the service connection and dismantle service connection without prior notice, if it is proved at any stage that the service connection was availed by hiding facts/fabricating false consents or orders. Any amount remitted by such consumer is liable to be forfeited. The consumer will be liable for any loss sustained by KSEBL on this account.
  • If applicant desires a particular date of Inspection, he/she can specify the date. If field verification is carried out on the specified date, the inspecting officer shall demand additional fee for the same.
  • If the applicant opts to procure the meter, the tested meter along with the original test certificate has to be produced at site(premise) prior to effecting of service connection. Such applicants are eligible for exemption of monthly meter rent.
  • After submitting the application online, the applicant shall take a print out of the system generated form, and hand over to the KSEB Ltd personnel, after affixing signature & photograph along with other required documents, during site inspection / while effecting service connection. Please produce the original document for verification.

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